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This site is intended to be a forum where visitors can share ideas, experiences and opinions about alternate forms of transport and products related to renewable energy.

We welcome your suggestions and contributions about experiences you may have with alternate fuel vehicles and renewable energy initiatives and will provide a forum for anyone who has found a different way to approach transportation and/or energy production.

The Twike

The TWIKE is a zero-emission pedal electric hybrid vehicle.  Manufactured in Germany by FineMobile GmbH, the TWIKE is powered by a 230 Volt AC motor that gets its juice through an inverter connected to 2, 3, 4 or 5 battery packs that put out  353 Volts DC at 4.8 Amp Hours.  Top speed is 55 mph with a range of 70 - 200 miles.

The TWIKE is an ideal vehicle for in-town trips and commuting to work.  It can be recharged while the driver is at work and upon returning home in about 2 hours using a standard 220 volt outlet.

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The "Behemoth"

This vehicle is a modified version of a commercially available surrey called The Sirenetta.  You may have seen these or similar vehicles in beachside communities with a boardwalk or strand like Huntington Beach, CA or Galveston, TX.

To make this vehicle a viable means of getting to and from work and the store, Larry Lille added a Phoenix Brute hub motor and LiFeBatt battery as a fifth wheel.  This vehicle has a range of approximately 20 miles.

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